Aligarh Collegiate

The faculty of Aligarh Collegiate consists of highly motivated professionals who are known as the specialists in their respective subjects. Aligarh Collegiate has got the honour to gather the experts of different subjects under one roof.

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    He is dealing in the Physics with a gripping teaching style and is the most popular figure teaching Physics all over the city. He has received many awards in teaching Physics. He has a remarkable educational background and he has an excellent bent of mind which invariably distinguishes him as a catalyst of progress of the students. Besides teaching, he is also working as the Director of the institute.

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    He is well known personnel of Aligarh, not only for the teaching concern but being the part of Aligarh’s Administration. He is engaged in teaching Islamiat to students in a grasping way which gives them the perfect conceptual approach. Attending his class is really an educational and motive experience which takes the students to the best of their learning approach. He has got the honour of being the Head of Jinnah Campus.

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    He has been imparting education in Aligarh with full dedication and devotion since 2009. He has been effectively working and turning the soil into gold by straining his nerves. He is famous because of his elusive and baffling teaching method in the field of Mathematics to enrich the concept of students in this era of widening horizons.

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    She is the life blood of commerce department of Aligarh Collegiate. She is the top position holder and Gold medalist from Jinnah University. She plans and develops effective lesson. She has been attending and participating in ongoing professional development activities to enhance the students’ skill to make their future bright. She is a part of Aligarh’s teaching faculty since 2005.

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    He is one of the leading, dynamic and energetic lecturer of the Aligarh. He holds a Master Degree in Statistics from the University of Karachi. His area of interest in Aligarh is Computer Science and Statistics in which he is serving at his best. He is playing a pivotal role in forming bright and constructive future of students at Aligarh Collegiate since 2004.

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    He has been teaching Mathematics in Aligarh Collegiate since 2007. He has hold over his subjects and can maintain study environment through out. His ver-style teaching style satisfies students and leaves long lasting impact on students’ result. He has also got the expertise in personality development.

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    He is associated with Aligarh Collegiate since 2011 and known for innovative methods of teaching to make learning easy and effective process. Character building and counselling are part and parcel tracts of this mentor. He is considered as a specialist in teaching Chemistry.

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    He is known for his unique methods and excellent style of teaching Physics. He has got the ability to convey the words in such a manner that develops interest and eagerness in students to learn more. He is proudly a part of Aligarh Collegiate since 2012.

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    He is an asset of Aligarh Collegiate. He has done in Finance from Karachi University. He has marvellous command in Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting. He has started his career as a lecturer in 2004. He has been paying his services to Aligarh since 2013 and now he is serving Aligarh Collegiate as a Head of Commerce department.

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    She has been teaching commerce in Aligarh Collegiate since 2011. Her admirable devotion to the profession took her to such a position where she is known as an icon of success in her subject. Because of her innovative teaching style she has become an important figure of the faculty. She also got skills in teaching various leading subjects.

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    She has been teaching English in Aligarh Collegiate for a long period. She is got good command over her subject and along with that her teaching pattern is very innovative and real. She actively tries to strengthen students’ character by keeping them disciplined, punctual and vocal.

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    She has been sincerely working and providing her best for the better future of students in the field of Urdu literature and linguistic by her soft and gentle way of teaching. She has got the ability to enhance the efficiency of the learning process of the students.

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    He is a firm believer of saying, lucky are those students who have a passionately curious teacher. He has been part of Aligarh Collegiate for last 3 years and has been teaching the students in their zone of comfort for affective learning.

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    He is currently doing BE Chemical Engineering from NED University was one of the glorious students of Aligarh Collegiate. He is now enhancing his skills of Physics at Matriculation level and playing an immense role in nurturing the minds of young students in accordance with this modern scientific world. He is a part of Aligarh teaching faculty from May 2016.

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    He is a fine enthusiast under graduate of NED University and has been a passionate teacher of Physics and now of Mathematics for Pre-engineering students since 2016 at Aligarh Collegiate with further bright goals.