By the first dawn of December 1996, educational system of our society has been groomed by the coaching system of Aligarh Collegiate. Aligarh Collegiate has been established with an aim to provide a competitive environment for the succession of the best quality candidates to the professional institutes and universities. Dedicated highly qualified and experienced faculty of Aligarh Collegiate delivers a well disciplined and healthy environment, where as sets the goal for the promotion of the quality education in the field of Science and Commerce. Uplifting thousands of Aligarians in different professions is not only on honour for us and their mentors but also a reward of the determined efforts of Aligarh’s management

  • 1

    Aligarh’s staff consist of qualified teachers,professors,lecturers,doctors and engineers.

  • 2

    Aligarh Collegiate provides prayer area and separate common rooms for boys and girls.

  • 3

    Notes for all subjects, both in English and Urdu medium are provided.

  • 4

    E-learning methods are followed for achieving the academic goals.

  • 5

    Students' attendance is marked by personalized Bar Code cards to make learning time more efficient.

  • 6

    Complete preparation of Compulsory Subjects I.E Urdu,Islamiat,Sindhi,Pak.Studies .

  • 7

    For excellent preparation of students,Mid – Term and Pre – Board Examinations are conducted,which are according to the Board Examination.

  • 8

    Students are prepared marvelously for professional Institutes' examination by keeping in view the objective pattern of the entrance test.

  • 9

    Monthly report cards are provided to parents, which consist of test marks and attendance of their wards via SMS notification system or telephone.

  • 10

    After Completion of course, through assignments and revision classes students are prepared adequately for the exam.

  • 11

    All students are fully prepared for practical examination including viva exams and for this purpose Aligarh Collegiate possesses well equipped laboratories for the students.

  • 12

    Premises is monitored carefully and effectively by CCTV.