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By the first dawn of December 1996, educational system of our society has been groomed by the coaching system of Aligarh Collegiate. Aligarh Collegiate has been established with an aim to provide a competitive environment for the production of the best quality candidates to .(Read more..)

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Student Success Stories

There is the desire in every established organization to attain success in its endeavors. If you’re passionate to change the world and attain success, then Aligarh is your place to build up your dreams. Our success stories are motivational to read and can lead you to be among the best.

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Career In Aligarh

Aligarh is seeking innovative and qualified teachers and faculty members to join our leading co-educational institute. If you’re a hardworking and enthusiastic teaching professional with excellent subject knowledge and a sound understanding of the curriculum then we welcome you.

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Aligarh shall be recognized for its Excellency in education.
This institute should have a learning environment where students can learn the moral values through studies and can be motivated to play their active role in the society.

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We see your growth as a great success story. Share your past experience of Aligarh and tell us that how Aligarh managed to play a magnificent role in your struggle. Aligarh believed in you because you’re the HERO of your own story. Submit your views and let us cherish your success with our readers.

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