I spent two marvelous years in this institute, where I found teachers and administration very supportive. Teachers pickup our weaknesses and problems quickly and make maximum efforts for our up gradation.

SOBAN JAWED (81.45 %)

XII – Commerce – ‘A’

In XI, I was confused about the strictness of test system, piles of practice and punishment. I was of the view that we were made to do more than our strength, but when I appeared in final exams, I realized the importance of all the tests and piles of practice. If I had not done all that hard work, I would not have been able to attempt even one question.


XII – Commerce – ‘C’

My academic experience in Aligarh Collegiate is wonderful. The dedicated and well qualified faculty of Aligarh enabled students to score higher marks in final exams through their skills and hard work. ALIGARH’S strict test and practice system is observed very stressful but proves to be helpful during final examination.


XII – Commerce – ‘B’

The thing which I the like most about Aligarh is “THE WEEKLY TEST SYSTEM” which I’ve never seen in any other coaching. It is the hard work and utmost support of our teachers till the end that enabled us to get good grades.


XII – Commerce – ‘A’

At the time of exams, students have to face difficulties but I didn’t have any trouble because I had notes with complete material. I didn’t have to search any thing and I was fully prepared because of ALIGARH’S system and its teachers.


XII – Commerce – ‘A’

When I was in XI grade at ALIGARH COLLEGIATE, me and my friends had some confusions in our minds regarding Aligarh’s system. Why were me given lot of homework every week? We were given punishments for just getting grace marks in weekly test. We were asked questions for missing even one lecture. All these things were making troubling us. We thought that we were made to do more than our strength. But when I appeared in Board exams, all these confusions were cleared from my mind. When concept of every objective was cleared to me then I understood the value of every lecture. When I was attempting any question, I felt I had done it many times then I understood the value of those tests, when I was writing with the required speed, I thanked to all those piles of punishments. When calculation was on my finger tips that’s when I understood the reason of practice. In one of my papers I stuck in an emergency due to which I couldn’t get time for preparation or revision on the last day but I attempted the paper with quite satisfaction. If I had not done those piles of practice? If I had not revised every question three times for weekly tests, periodics and preliminary exams? If I had not worked hard for every test? I would not have been able to attempt even one question in that paper. I realized that our teachers were right as they knew what we were going to face, as they had experienced what we had not. I concluded that, I can thank Allah that He made me a part of an institution which cared for my future when I was careless, He blessed me with such teachers who were worried about me in my institution like my parents. My one year at Aligarh taught me a lesson, do not consider yourself more intelligent that the one teaching you’. No matter upto what heights I take my educational career ------ I will keep this lesson with me forever.


XII – Commerce – ‘A’

This is NIDA HAMEED LODHI a former Aligarhian.I studied in Aligarh Collegiate for four years.To Join Aligarh was one of the best decision I had made for my carrier.No doubt Aligarh is one of the best coaching center in the present time.The management,weekly test system,high qualified teachers,educational environment and Pre-board exams before final exams that ensure the complete preparation of students All above qualities makes Aligarh different from other institutes.The motivation and enthusiasm of teachers to make every single student successful. Alhumdullilah I have passed intermediate with A+ grade and Got admission in MBBS on merit. Now I am close to my dream of becoming a Doctor.In short: "ALIGARH is the path that leads me towards the righteous and brightest destiny"



My name is Rimsha Muhammad Hanif. I joined Aligarh back in 2016 as a first-year pre-engineering student.The management is smooth and systematic, it doesn’t take days and months to solve our queries and quick decisions and actions were taken. Teachers and admin members always work for the betterment of their students. Regular classes and weekly tests trained me to work under-pressure and meet deadlines. Aligarh brought out the best in me and made me hard-working, diligent and conscientious individual.


XII – Science – ‘A’

My name is Hamza Khan, student of XII A Commerce. I have been learning in Aligarh Collegiate since 2017 and going to complete my intermediate exams. All subjects were new for me but I have learned how to manage the time for study because every subjects has its own importance. The process of weekly test system in Aligarh helped me to make my result better and Aligarh teachers helped me in every step of study. By the grace of Allah I got 82% in HSC Part I. This credit goes to teachers of Aligarh. All teachers of Aligarh are cooperative and hard work..


XII – Commerce – ‘A’